Farmers Death

I will mourn not your death, Cause you only existed in words For your silence has murdered Many innocent lives, precious. In the stillness of time, that refuses to pass by A poet’s hope beyond life and death, Conjures democracy like never before. The wake of a new era is calling, The silent commune of […]

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Frozen between time and space Lost in natures concentration camp I had to forgo my identity by face Religion, caste and creed, what a shamp?   With several identities while I fiddle It looks like an epic, this riddle Narrated with elegance and style The fable takes you far a mile   For reasons beyond

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Rogues of the land, power in thou hands by addiction, Arrest Krsna the prince, the lord! Under sedition, For only having spoken in favour of solidarity, A remonstration in silence broke for popularity,   Like the falling pen mighty; when it strikes the floor. A fall still broke not; but the words inked strong and

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