CIOReview India

The Indian market has enormous potential in the Marketing Industry, especially with annual digital expenditure soaring. As there is a dearth of good marketers in India, it has created excellent opportunities for organisations to assist mid-and large-sized businesses in setting up and running their marketing operations. In India, there is a lot of room for fractional CMOs and Marketing as a Managed Services business to expand. India is slowly reaching the pinnacle of its start-up culture. All of these start-ups will require competent marketing organisations.

All of these start- ups will require competent marketing organisations. In short, start-ups will help the Indian economy in the next few years. While having stated that, all organizations bank on the marketing department to drive revenue growth.

However, the difficulty in the market today is the failure of several organisations to employ the correct CMO capable of developing an excellent demand creation engine. This is where a player like AJ&VG Media plays a critical role in setting up a demand generation engine which is ideally set up by creating a pull strategy using a combination of digital performance campaigns and manual Relationship Marketing.

“A brand is directly proportional to the revenue generation potential for any company. Therefore, a CMO must prioritize Brand Awareness and Demand generation as parallel activities that run in tandem. As a fledgling firm, our focus has been on narrating the existing client’s story in the best possible manner; thus turning any prospective clients into long-term partners. Our services are divided into four categories: Marketing as a Service, Creatives, Data & Digital, and Automation,” says Ajeesh Venugopalan, Founder & CEO at AJ&VG Media.

One-Stop-Shop for Marketing Needs

Marketing as a service covers services like brand positioning, strategy and planning, total addressable market identification & GTM Strategy. Creatives covers a gamut of services like collateral building, pitch decks, graphic designing, social media management, user experience & web, corporate films and video based advertising services among others. Data and Digital covers performance marketing and demand generation services. AJ&VG Media also has a campaign management team that manages campaigns on various channels like email, SEM, SEO, PPC etc.

Finally under automation, AJ&VG Media has been reselling a few marketing automation solutions and has been implementing, configuring and managing real-time engagement engines, and LMS. It has been bringing several marketing automation use cases to the picture and automating them with the help of the partners. AJ&VG Media consumes a large amount of data and converts them into meaningful stories for a consumer to relate to a brand with ease. It’s business model, experience and industry recognition have been the major differentiating factors that set it apart from many other players. Their complete focus has been to provide value to the customer.

“Currently our focus is only the Indian geography, and it will continue to remain so for another year. We are happy to evaluate opportunities in other markets, specially US & UK as we go along. We are very young, and we have just started to crawl. We look forward to standing up and walking as a next step before we start running. Of course, we aim for a Gold in the Olympics in the long run,” concludes Ajeesh

“AJ&VG Media’s current infrastructure has been successfully running the complete marketing department for mid-sized organizations with numerous happy customers”