Rogues of the land, power in thou hands by addiction,

Arrest Krsna the prince, the lord! Under sedition,

For only having spoken in favour of solidarity,

A remonstration in silence broke for popularity,


Like the falling pen mighty; when it strikes the floor.

A fall still broke not; but the words inked strong and soar.

While we are a result of a fatal accident called birth,

One has to live long enough on this earth,


Till we emerge and our souls turn into the stardust,

Away from earthly envies, vanity and lust.

The Silence before the first ray of the sun,

Silenced! How many such Red would die?

Silenced! Standing tall for justice, but gain none.

Though silenced! It’s all a fabricated flak and lie.


So could we be silenced from the east to west?

From the north to the south and beyond. No!

The sun would yet again rise with a roar like a beast.

To out power the rogues and set the country aglow.

Or you would see the river and the oceans weep,

For all of us to be silenced forever in just one sweep.


About the Author:

Ajeesh is Senior Marketer who has built high-performance teams to drive revenues for new and re-positioned brands across the B2B / B2C segments. He has a blend of the right and the left-brain, creative genius, occasionally crazier and yet adamantly saner than the average person. An educational evangelist and a brand champion he loves studying competitive landscapes and designing product vision and global market strategies.