Frozen between time and space

Lost in natures concentration camp

I had to forgo my identity by face

Religion, caste and creed, what a shamp?


With several identities while I fiddle

It looks like an epic, this riddle

Narrated with elegance and style

The fable takes you far a mile


For reasons beyond imagination,

Fanatic emotions sprout as instigators;

And kill the mocking bird of the nation,

Ensuing in blown up crime indicators.


Shackled in chains and caned,

My heart would still pray for peace.

Break my physique until you have drained,

Yet my mind is free to think in solace.


Ways of life, obscure and esoteric,

In search of thy identity mesmeric.

A warrior, a poet, a teacher at times

Changing to meet and keep up with times.


The law of the land fierce and vicious

Tiring strive and remorse delicious

Bitter enough to chew or to bite

To be able to swallow nor to spit


Identity thus cause hassle galore,

Do away with one for the daily chore;

For I have to return to his abode,

Once over with this part or episode.