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Do you love stories?

We breathe life into your brand with stories. Can data be read as a story? Science has finally confirmed what we’ve long known to be true: we’re (humans) hardwired for stories. We will continue to write as long as your customer is a human.

If that really rings any bell?

we write

We convert complex data into simpler stories. Much Enjoyable! Sometimes emotionally touching.

Imagination: In 1984, when The Terminator movie was released, we never thought that a cyborg assasin may be real-someday. Today we are very close. Infact very very close. Everything begins with imagination.

Science We look for patterns in the market and in customer behaviors — within data, but also through more qualitative sources of information, such as conversations with prospects, peers, and third-parties.

The way
how we write

The science of mind and behavior-Psychology. Data is of no use; if it cannot be told as a story. We are Interpreters of the Data. We are graphic designers of data. We are cartoonist of the data. We are researchers of data. We are also the film makers of Data.

A data scientist is a no data scientist; if he not able to connect the dots with creativity and emotion. In today's world a good marketer is a good psychologist, a good creative professional, a good technologist and a good data analyst.If you still need more for an introduction; jump to the next section.



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Take a look at our corporate film

Everyone has a story,
once up on a time when you were a kid, you loved it.
And when we grow up, we all want to be heard.
Sometimes on camera
Sometimes with your friends
Even a bumblebee has a story to tell the flowers, for honey
Even we have a story to share
And numbers to crunch
But When we tell a story,we are always behind the camera
And create stories that last forever
Allow us to tell your story


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