Vocational Training – Brand alone does not impact a buy!

India has seen a very traditional approach towards learning. We have been following rote learning principles which is a widely used memorization technique based on repetition; used to learn phonics, multiplication tables in mathematics, periodic tables in chemistry etc. This model works well in the foundation courses; however when it comes to secondary school the

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Campus Memoir

From the valley of Western Ghats to the Silicon Valley of India, life has just moved on as fast as a supersonic aircraft. Looking back in time, 10 years has past by since the campus days came to an abrupt end. I had a little home here, Its long back, I fear. If that time

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The odd man out

Few years ago G one of my colleagues and his 5 year old daughter Sonia and his neighbors son Akhil about six years old where traveling in a car. G was essentially driving with these kids in the back seat. Adding to G’s driving tensions these kids were creating a big mess at the back

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