nauba - Customer Experiance Management System

We believe that life should be better spent on things you love. Therefore, with exceptional and quick customer service solutions, you can provide your customers with more time. Nauba gives you a chance to say goodbye to the chaos and frustration of long queues and say hello to a hassle-free customer management experience. Its customer flow management engine creates virtual queues and tokens based on the services requested.

From bustling service centers and healthcare facilities to banks and government institutions, nauba caters to an array of businesses that can benefit from better customer flow management.

can be cues

to more meaningful business decisions.
Ever thought,
How long a person waited to get a service or how quickly they were served?
How much business did you lose due to delays?
How better things could have been?

Imagine a system that prompts you when service gets slower, warns you when footfalls go down, informs you which services are most in demand, and tells you about that champion employee who has been most productive.
Nauba’s state-of-the-art business analytics engine provides you with the most vital information that can aid your business decisions without ever scrolling through extensive reports.

Integratable &

As an initial touch point for a customer, Nouba kiosk can act as an interface for data collection. By collecting customer data and transferring it to existing management solutions, nauba makes it easier to enroll new customers, gather previous records, and fetch transactional information. Nauba’s customizable registration module can be integrated into various management software through APIs.

As a software-first solution, we have been keen on designing and developing a system that is not hardware bound. While we provide high-quality, branded, non-proprietary hardware with our software solution, we are flexible enough to adapt to any compatible hardware that is suitable for the solution.

Choose what suites you best

nauba Lite

Individual local installation ideal for businesses with single branch
  • Manages a single branch.
  • Supports local servers.
  • Minimum implementation time.
  • Supports custom hardware.

nauba Pro

Nauba pro can manage multiple branches and Compare performance.
  • Manages multiple branches.
  • Centralized servers.
  • Synchronous queues.
  • Cross branch reports.
  • Supports custom hardware.

nauba Cloud

Saas model offering supports businesses of any size and scale
  • Managed Service.
  • No limit to branches or companies.
  • Mobile tickets and appointments.
  • Nauba analytics available.
  • Minimum implementation time.
  • Pay as you go.
  • Supports custom hardware.

nauba Premium

Customized corporate model with custom servers and added features
  • Whitelabeled solution.
  • Customized apps.
  • Integrations with ERPs,CRMs and HIS.
  • Custom servers.
  • Custom Screen Designs.
  • Customized reports.
  • Nauba analytics.
  • Supports custom hardware.