Consideration Metrics

Drive Consideration Metrics using Influencers

Any CMO would primarily run with three objectives and those are awareness, consideration and conversion. Consideration is a key KPI in the Funnel stage and you need creators to engage with the consumers to be able to improve consideration.

Over this article, we will highlight the most widely used mediums to drive customer engagement and thereby improve your consideration metrics.

Why is it Important?

Have you noticed a lot more shopping cart abandonment lately on your ecommerce platform or may be consumers abandoning a form fill, then you have a serious consumer engagement problem that can be solved by engaging with smart content creators?

This an exact point where a Brand need to seriously consider an agency that focuses on Creating content across various channels.

The channels may range from social media, OTT’s, YouTube or Review Platforms.

Influencers while they may not be able to sell directly, of course they make a big difference by adding on to your funnel. It is in fact the most widely used marketing tactic by marketers to improve Consideration. About 93% of the marketers have already used influencer marketing. Only about 7% of the marketers are yet to try their hands on it. Sectors like Automotive, Beauty & Wellness, Food & Beverages, Apparel & Fashion has seen an upthrust in the usage of Influence marketing. For instance, Zara was the Most Mentioned Brand on Instagram in 2021.

The year 2021 also witnessed a massive uplift in moving towards Audio & Video based content from mere Images and text-based approach. Primary Trends show that Micro & Nano influencers will rule the world in the year 2022. Specially that influencers with less than 25000 followers have higher engagement rates. This is trend is likely to pave for new social media platforms and will pop newer forms of influencer content.

What Brands do need to look for?

Some of the widely used metrices to measure consideration are the following.

  • Social Media Engagement Rate likes, comments and share
  • Google Driving Directions
  • Facebook and Google Messages
  • Average Time Spent
  • Watch Time
  • Active Participation on Polls

While brands look at some of these metrics, they need will need to work with a partner who are apt to bring in the right influencers and creators to the table. They will have to start looking at long term engagements with agencies to be able to consistently perform.

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