Inequality and Growth

What we see is just a mirage at a distant land and what is real is unfortunately never seen, as the world, today is blindfolded by the mirage of capitalism. There are only two types of people in this world the good/wise and the bad/ or the ignorant. Six years plus after a brave soul, has departed to the heavenly abode an ignorant citizen of a distant land awakes to the truth repeatedly yelled and screamed by the then brave heart. His videos still available in the YouTube exposes many prominent figures of our society, which seems to be the truth to a common person like me, bereft of corruption across the world.

Why would a graduate from NIT, Allahabad and a postgraduate in Mtech from IIT, Kanpur return to India after his brief stint as a scientist only to be a social activist way back in the year 1992? It is definite that he had foreseen a lot more of the reality than any other common Indian may have. He foresaw the political and economic independence of our country at high risk with the free entry of MNC’s. A quick look back on the past 25 years evidently proves his vision forthright.  I learn about this divine soul recently from the internet, through an eleven-year-old child prodigy based in Mysore. Abashed to peel the skin off, I went on to study about his preaching is through various internet news and video portals.

After the Liberalization of 1991, the services sector has grown at a significant pace at the cost of Production, Healthcare, Agriculture and education sectors. It is a story of Inequality of the growth of the Indian Economy. The growth witnessed during pre-colonization to colonization to post-independence would thus look like agriculture to steel to services.  It is indeed a well-planned act of serial killings of the farmers in India, with MNCs’ using influential and money power to grab the farmlands and built multiplexes, Tech parks etc. The indented price cut on the corps and showing the farmers the road to heaven is part of the overall ploy.  While the IT Sector has performed well, it had miserably failed to offer the quality of living in our country. It is also about time to take a re-look at the Indian IT sector. The growth of this sector over the last 5 years is a meagre 2 to 3%. Cost arbitrage is no longer an advantage as far as Indian IT sector is concerned. While the government and international policy makers were considering various business treaties like the WTO, Agriculture was not given a position, while food is one of the fundamental need to survive on this planet. The Irony of life seems to be destroying a green planet and looking forward to creating a greener pasture in Mars, I would not resist laughing at this short-sighted elite capitalized thought though I do not belong to any of the socialist, communist or a capitalized mind-set.

Misuse of power by the elected leaders is an antonym to Republic. While India is celebrating its 68th republic day this month unpretentious people like Shri Rajiv Dixit is long forgotten. What amuses a common person like me is, of course, his mysterious death and the denial of a post mortem?