Corporate Warrior – Peter Principle


After having read those brochures, Proto was still not sure; if he was ready to get on a call with a prospect. He flipped through those collateral several time, however was not able to understand any of them in its complete sense. He desperately needed help and Anto just seemed to be busy with his little flirtatious conversation with aunty. At a distance of 30ft in the same floor, Damsel was busy with her campaigns and phone calls. He wanted to head back to her once again, but then dropped the idea, thinking that he would disturb her.

Amidst a few hundred people working in the same floor, yet left alone in a strange new world, he yearned for help. He kept turning around at Damsel the only helping soul that he knew off.

Boss- A task master and a master Politician
Boss- A task master and a master Politician

Unlike the previous day, she did not seem to be comfortable. That’s when the boss walks out of his cabin yelling unabated and trashing few reports on her face. Her campaigns had not yielded result and aunty had ignited this chain reaction while she was in his cabin recently. It turned out to be catastrophic for Damsel, however un-sentimentally she resumed work.

The rest of the employees stood numb for a while and went on to do their respective jobs, pretending that they have not faced any earth quake caused by the big fatty Boss. Proto was stunned, stood aloof next to Anto who had returned to his seat, hearing boss shout. The aftermath of the incident reverberated in the atmosphere for some time.

During lunch, Proto slowly walks up to Damsel. She continued working and disregarded his presence there. He grunted.

She ignores it again.

Hi, I am sorry for what happened in the morning.

What?  I am not sorry for it. Then why are you? She said.

No! I am sorry to have come to you now, but I need help. I have read through that collateral but it does not help me. How do I get started?

Go and ask aunty. She can help you better. She said and walked out for lunch. Proto was stuck with the situation and have had no option rather to meet the great aunt.

Peter Principle was apt applicable for the aunt. She has risen to a level where she was incompetent and had to rely on gossips and politics for survival. The Peter Principle is a proposition that states that the members of an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success, and merit will eventually be promoted beyond their level of ability. The principle is commonly phrased, “Employees tend to rise to their level of incompetence.”

This turns out very dangerous for the younger generation, ambitiously toiling towards success like damsel. She was loitering for her chance; but without compromising on her integrity and dignity. In this Organization that seemed to drift far away from her; at this moment and she had already made up her mind on a change.