Corporate Warrior – Proto begins to work


Proto’s cubicle was right next to Anto. The space was cramped with little leg room for the tall boy Proto and he hardly could breathe with Anto sitting right next to him.

Soon after; Anto was called in by the boss. He comes out of his cabin with a smear look; probably boss was not happy with his performance. To top it up; he had given him an additional task of guiding proto and getting him up to speed. To start with; Proto was to make cold calls and sell the firms service offerings. Being a villager and from a non –B school grad; he did not deserve any better job, than selling on the phone. There is this mis norm in our society that anyone who finishes the management course is to sell and therefore Proto was also caught by this sales goliath.

Anto is a complete urban extravagant spoiled brat of his rich father. He comes in his Kawasaki Ninja and goes to the most happening pub in the city after work. He picks a girl either in the pub or elsewhere, but he makes sure that he quenches his lust. Most often he succeeds in his quest and returns to office as a conqueror of this entire world. In colloquial Hindi – its “Baap ka Raaj” for him and he has not learned anything else apart from this from his father.

Anto's Kawasaki Ninja. Photo courtesy - Internet
Anto’s Kawasaki Ninja. Photo courtesy – Internet

Chalo dude… He addresses Proto.

Kaam-pe-lagja. Get to work. Get to work.

Your job is to call these people and sell. That’s it. He handed a sheet of paper over to him and asks to get to the job.

There was no induction, nor did he utter a few sentence about the services the firm had offered.

Anto then turns his attention to Aunty. Aunty looked stunning in the saree today and Anto went on flirting with her. He was aware that she was bosses property. But he had nothing to lose as he had a rich dad and that gave him confidence to do anything. He turns to his work only when boss calls out for him.

Proto was confused and lost. He did not know where to start and how to start.

While everyone one else left for lunch, he slowly walks up to Damsel. She was winding up for lunch and was about to lift her Tupperware case.

She was just about to leave when she hears a grim sound. Hrrrr…

He was clearing his throat and getting ready to strike a conversation with Damsel.

She turns around to see our protagonist; Proto who instantly turns his eye balls rolling to the ground instead of looking up straight.

Shy - Proto looking down on the floor. Photo courtesy Internet
Shy – Proto looking down on the floor. Photo courtesy Internet

Yes! You need anything. She asks?

Yes, Can hmmmm

Can … pause …..Can you guide me to get my work started?

I am not a sales person. You should rather check with Anto to help you.

But… But… I think Anto sir was busy with some work. He did not tell me anything.

Anto Sir!

She giggles! Yeah, I know what he is busy with.

Ok sit here. She commands. Proto as an obedient little boy; sits on the couch at the reception, watching her, like a little dog with his salivated tongue out waiting for a piece of bone.

She just gets back to her bookshelf and pulls out a couple of brochures and collaterals of their firm. She hands it over to him. You read this first and understand what we do before you get on to a call.

What is this? He asks? These are information about the services our company offers to the customers. You have to understand what we do, before you start selling.

He says Ok Ma’am.


She giggles again and walks out for lunch with her Tupperware.

He stays back in office; flipping through the collaterals. He smells it in between. Ah what a smell. He did not smell the freshness of the paper. He smelled her cologne in those brochures. The farmer boy knew how to become a lover boy and he was slowly turning into one.

He could have been really amateur for an urban lifestyle, but being from a farming background, he was sincere and hardworking. He had this peculiar service attitude which this generation city dwellers do not have in them.

For once the boss had made a right hiring decision, even though his intention was to hire a cheap resource. A cheap Human Resource.

To be continued….

Theme of the Episode – Human Resource

Is it correct to use the terminology – Human resource? I think it should rather be personnel Management. The very term resource puts me off, because I work for myself as well as for the society. Even a rag picker on the street does his job with dignity. If he misses out one day, the next day we all complain. It’s like comparing me to a raw material and addressing me as a resource. Rather I deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

The term “I” in the above paragraph refers to all working class.

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