Marketing for Founders

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Are you a startup founder looking to ace your marketing game and secure that coveted venture capital investment? Look no further! Join us at the exclusive one-day marketing workshop organized by AJ&VG Media & Digital Uncovered, where we demystify the art of strategic marketing for startups.

Craft Your Irresistible Pitch:

Discover the common pitfalls startup founders encounter when approaching VCs and learn how to align your marketing strategy with investor expectations. AJ&VG Media & Digital Uncovered will guide you in crafting a pitch that not only captivates investors but also sets the stage for sustainable growth.

Budgeting for Success:

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for startups is misallocating marketing budgets. Gain insights into creating a scalable and effective marketing budget that maximizes impact while optimizing resources. Learn the art of prioritization and focus on what truly drives results.

Networking Opportunities:

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and establish valuable connections within the startup ecosystem. Our workshop provides a unique platform to share experiences, exchange ideas, and build a network that will support your journey to success.

Meet Our Dynamic Speakers:

Ajeesh Venugopalan: The Marketing Maverick

With a proven track record of transforming startups into market leaders, Ajeesh brings a wealth of experience in crafting compelling brand narratives and implementing growth-driven marketing strategies. Learn the secrets behind his success and discover how to position your startup for maximum impact. Ajeesh is a Philip Kotler Award Winning Marketing and an Industry Veteran StartUp mentor with over 20 years of Experience.

Sooraj Divakaran: Content Maestro

With an illustrious career spanning years of experience, Sooraj has earned his reputation as a content maestro, breathing life into the stories of startups and turning visions into compelling narratives. His passion lies in unraveling the unique tales that define each startup’s journey, and he possesses an innate ability to distill complex ideas into captivating stories that resonate with audiences.

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Don’t let marketing misconceptions hold your startup back! Join us for a day of enlightenment, inspiration, and actionable strategies that will propel your venture to new heights. Register now and take the first step towards marketing mastery!

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