How to Convert Data into Compelling Stories

Before knowing how to create stories using data, let us know why data storytelling in business is important in just 6 simple things.

  • It is interesting.
  • Powerful mode to highlight the key insights.
  • It always comes with opinions.
  • Higher engagement.
  • Captures the emotions.
  • Easy to understand.

And, a business needs all of the above mentioned criteria to survive in the market. We, AJNVG a marketing consulting agency believes humans are hardwired for stories. When data read as stories, it provokes the audience emotion and multiplies the engagement ratio. Emotional connect is important for long term goals and.. stories does that!

The important element of improving the business processes and organization growth is DATA. How can we interpret the boring DATA into an interesting factor so that it effectively reaches both the internal and external communication of the organization – employees, clients, customers, investors, shareholders, suppliers etc.,

Our approach at AJNVG of interpreting data is quite interesting. We are the interpreters of Data.

  • Data as Stories
  • Data as Graphic Designs
  • Data as Cartoons
  • Data as Films

A good marketer knows how to connect the dots by applying the creativity and trigger the emotions that really, really acts.

How to Turn Complex Data into Compelling Stories That Sell
Use these ideas to make your brands speak in a way that everyone loves. The road-map of an interesting story involves,

Know Your Audience Crowd
Research the type of users for which the story is being made. For example, If it is for a full service marketing agency, the story can be made around marketing is an art or if it is a product marketing company where customer satisfaction is the key, make some story with the customer satisfaction number and play around it. It is all about CREATIVITY added with a little marketing intelligence.

Set Theme
Plan your story theme whether it is to be professionally or casually sounded and execute the planning. For agency backgrounds, casual storytelling works better than formals. Design Relevant Triggers with the Data – How, When, What, Why Let your story trigger the audience emotions of knowing the data facts that results some performing actions.

Simple and Clear Communication
Whether the data is interpreted as story or a just a graphic design, keep it simple and easy to understand.

Provide Opinions
People are always fond of others opinions and reviews. Value add your thoughts wherever applicable.

Make it Feel as a Walk Together rather than just Telling Stories
Let your brand to have a story which feels as a journey together that creates an impact that emotionally connects.

Have questions, feel free to ask. Take a glance at some of our works and write to us what you think.
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