Significance of Literature – praises for “The Hindu”

The Editor,
“The Hindu”

Date: 15.05.2013

Sub: Significance of Literature – praises for “The Hindu”

It’s poignant to see the quality standards maintained by “The Hindu”. As a school student, I have written poetries and luckily the young world has published a few of them. I have had enthralling moments reading and sharing them with friends then.

For long years after my adolescence I have read different News Papers and other online mediums. I still cherish the memoir with’s poetry corners and the writing room. They have accepted and published several of my little thoughts put together in the form of poetries and short phrases.   However, they were not able to sustain their literary journey for long. I have written several emails to them, asking for a suitable action to keep the literature forum open for the general public. I believe this is one of the best ways to sustain our culture and educate the younger generation. However my voices have gone unheard.

While, looking for new ways to get back into my reading habit, I decided to subscribe to The Hindu. The book reviews and literary reviews published by you is one of my favorites. The recent one on My Tears, My dreams written by Mohamed Nazeer, one of your Kannur based correspondent was enlightening just as its title said:A memoir with the Enlightenment legacy”.   I should say: The Hindu is the only News Paper in our country which has given significant importance to Literature and public voices since its inception.

I look forward for an exciting Journey with The Hindu as one of your avid readers.

Ajeesh Venugopalan