Marketing for Beginners

  • ₹11,800/-

This course is specially designed for young students contemplating a career in Marketing.
1.) Who should Ideally Choose Marketing?
2.) Required Personality Traits
3.) Traditional Versus Modern Marketing
4.) The Pyschology of Marketing

This course is ideal for:
12th Grades
BBA/BBM or Graduates
Professionals evaluating a better prospect in Marketing.
Duration: This is a 32hr weekend online training program. Saturday 9 AM TO 1 PM  and Sunday 9 AM to 1 PM. Spread across 4 weekends. 

Certificate will be issued upon completion of the course. 

Check out our detailed course module

Module One: Getting Started

·        Housekeeping Items

·        The Parking Lot

·        Workshop Objectives

·        Pre-Assignment

·        Action Plans

Module Two: What is Marketing?

·        What is a Market?

·        Marketing is Not Selling

·        Understanding Customer Needs

·        Defining Your Product or Service

·        Case Study

·        Module Two: Review Questions

Module Three: Common Marketing Types (I)

·        Direct Marketing

·        Active Marketing

·        Incoming Marketing

·        Outgoing Marketing

·        Case Study

·        Module Three: Review Questions

Module Four: Common Marketing Types (II)

·        Guerilla Marketing

·        B2B Marketing

·        B2C Marketing

·        Promotional Marketing

·        Case Study

·        Module Four: Review Questions

Module Five: The Marketing Mix

·        Product

·        Price

·        Promotion

·        Place

·        Case Study

·        Module Five: Review Questions

Module Six: Communicating the Right Way

·        The Marketing Pitch

·        Sell Value Not Price

·        Fun and Entertaining is Powerful

·        Choosing the Right Media

·        Case Study

·        Module Six: Review Questions

Module Seven: Customer Communications

·        Give Your Customers a Voice

·        It’s Not About You, It’s About Them

·        Every Interaction Counts

·        Answer Questions Honestly

·        Case Study

·        Module Seven: Review Questions

Module Eight: Marketing Goals

·        Brand Switching

·        Repeat Purchases

·        Brand Loyalty

·        Inform and Educate

·        Case Study

·        Module Eight: Review Questions

Module Nine: The Marketing Funnel

·        Awareness

·        Interest

·        Desire

·        Action

·        Case Study

·        Module Nine: Review Questions

Module Ten: Marketing Mistakes (I)

·        Not Taking Social Media Seriously

·        Not Having a USP

·        Cross Cultural and International Translations

·        Not Building a Relationship

·        Case Study

·        Module Ten: Review Questions

Module Eleven: Marketing Mistakes (II)

·        Not Having a Plan

·        Aiming at Everyone

·        Not Tracking Metrics

·        Not Listening to Your Customers

·        Case Study

·        Module Eleven: Review Questions

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

·        Words from the Wise

·        Review of Parking Lot

·        Lessons Learned

Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations