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How Excited! You are at the right place at the right time , great initiative’s are waiting for you. immense pleasure to Welcome you guys.

Why we?:

However, We work closely with more than 75,000 CxO globally and are the preferred medium for many to express their point of view and perspectives. We are instrumental in driving many innovative ideas, validating new concepts, and providing actionable insights to companies across different verticals.

Phoenix Remuneration:

Rewind Back in 2008, when we took our baby steps towards becoming one of the best marketing companies in Bangalore, the main goal was to deliver the utmost quality service without compromising on anything. In this digital era, we as a business firm, understand how inevitable marketing is to your business in order to scale up your sales chart. Hence, we, as a marketing consulting company, are here to facilitate your marketing strategy.

Target on  objectives:

Main Frame Of Value Addition, To Vivid Your Flying Colours Among Competitors.

o   Stories & MarketingAs a marketing company we have never failed to surprise our clients and that was only because of the appropriate mix of creativity, psychology technology and data required for our work. 

o   Brand Consulting – A proper brand management strategy must ensure that your company and its goals are supported by a planned strengthening of the brand.

o   Creative Services Creative services mostly includes creating print ads, logos, websites, digital signage, etc. It also includes end-to-end branding that should cover newsletters, brochures, invitations, media campaigns and so on.

o   Data & Analytics The global marketing-related data market is evaluated at $ 26 Bn in 2019. About 6% of the total marketing budget is set aside for Data by global organisations

 Digital Marketing The growth of the digital advertising spent has gone up by 13% as of June, 2020. Black Friday sales this year were largely online.

 Market Automation During the last decade, the number of MarTech solutions has grown from 150 in 2011 to over 8,000 in 2020. The highest increase was recorded across data solutions. 

Do We Are Important To U?:

o   Obviously yes!, Research, Data and Analytics, Creative Campaign strategies and Automation with Enlightenment professionalism  to  satisfy the user requirements to a greater extent.

Happy Ending On Conclusion:

Last but not Least, about our firm and support maintenance for customer requirements

Hope u had a Good Thought about Us, Feel free to ask any  further queries

o   Contact Us :  sales@ajnvg.com

  For your kind reference =>   Site: https://www.ajnvg.com


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